Photographers are weird. They were created different. While the rest of us are busy proving our importance to the world, they watch. They tell us, with great precision, that life is and can be more. That there are emotions that slip us by, that there is poetry we're not listening to. They make the connections that we can't. Ami Elsius is a photographer.

"Through photography I get to express, experience and develop the things that I value most in life; love, beauty, creativity, discovery, understanding, connection, sharing, sensitivity, patience, meditation, gratitude, sensuality, revelation and play." Ami Elsius

Ami is a globetrotter, originally from Sweden, has lived on 4 different continents (so far) and is now based in Milan, Italy. Lately, her work has been dedicated to fashion and advertising, often travel related, often with a fine art touch and with people in focus.

"What we find fascinating with Ami's work is her abitliy to get it right: the intensity in the eyes, the composition, the colours, the overall beauty. And she truly is a joy to work with." Carina Lindström, Art Director

"Understanding and deciphering an assignment with accuracy is important to Ami. And by working intuitively and efficiently, the work-process often feels like a play-process." Oscar Askelöf, Creative Director

"No way, I'm not recommending Ami to anyone. She's too good and we want her for ourselves" Sergio Copetti Art Director

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